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About Us

Welcome to Anandaniketan School, a quality provider of English Medium education in Sylhet for 25 years.


Anandaniketan School has a unique history. It began its journey 25 years ago when a group of  families decided to create a school which put student well-being at the centre of its philosophy.   From those small beginnings, Anandaniketan has grown over the years to become an  institution of over 900 students, many of whom achieve spectacular success at IGCSE and A  Level.  Every year, Anandaniketan students are represented at the Daily Star Awards, the  Spelling Bee and other national competitions and our alumni span the globe.

We have just opened the first five levels of our new campus and the building will continue to  rise over the next few years.  The school is investing in quality teacher training and  resourcing the school for the 21st Century.

Schools all over the world are recognising that in what is being dubbed ‘the knowledge age’  education priorities are in transition, and they are working to transform the nature of education  for their students, who will be leaving school to live and work in a world very different from the  one today’s adults were educated in. We at Anandaniketan recognise the extent of that  challenge and are preparing ourselves and our school to meet it. It is an exciting time for both  teachers and students.

The key to successful learning is effective teaching and our teachers have embarked upon a  long term, comprehensive programme of teacher training which will enable us to ensure that our  students continue to receive the best education we can provide.  Our school has a high reputation within Sylhet for many years and we aim to continue to  deserve that reputation.



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